How to Apply

Admission for the new school year begins March 1.  However, Mirus Academy accepts new students year-round, as space is available.  

STEP 1:  Learn more about the school

Please call the school at 281-392-4477 to request a tour and meet with a school representative to have all your questions answered.


STEP 2:  Check that your child meets the Admission Requirements Requirements are listed on the ADMISSIONS page.  If you have questions about unique circumstances or accomodations, please consult the "Can Mirus Accept..." section.  


STEP 3:  Apply for Admission into the School

Complete the Online Application for Admissions.  The application must be submitted with the $100 Application Fee plus the past three years of report cards and standardized test scores. The Application for Admissions includes two online Recommendation Forms which must also be completed.


STEP 4:  Placement Testing (if required)

Students who are unable to provide recent standardized test scores will need to complete the Mirus Academy Placement Test as part of the application process.  The Placement Test is computer-based and usually scheduled for Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings.  There is no additional fee for students who have paid the Application Fee (Step 3). 


STEP 5:  Spend a Trial Day at the school  

We invite and encourage students to spend 1-3 days at Mirus Academy to ensure the school is a good fit for the student.  Trial days are only available to students applying during the school year. Trial days are not available for students applying during the summer months.


STEP 6:  Enroll in the School

If, after completing the above steps, we all feel we are a good fit for each other, then we welcome you to our school and invite you to enroll.  When enrolling, please plan to share the following items with the school office:

  • Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport

  • * Parent/Guardian’s ID (such as a Driver’s License)

  • * Student’s Immunization Record (or exemption form)