Mayan Cruise Cost


The Mayan Cruise tour price is approximately $820.  This price includes the following:


  • $462:  Average Cruise Price (per person, including taxes and port fees)-- Price is based on a basic interior cabin with four people.  Your exact price may be higher or lower depending on the type of cabin you select, the number of people in your cabin, and the date that you book your trip.  


  • $98:  Required Gratuities--  Tips and Gratuities ($14/day for 7 days) will automatically be added to your Carnival billing account.  You can adjust individual tips to be higher or lower once you are aboard the ship. 

  • $110:  Mayan Tour-- All student travelers (plus any parents who want to join us) will be learning more about Mayan civilizations through this exciting tour of the Lamanai ruins.    

  • $110:  Cenote Tour-- An optional but highly recommended tour for all student travelers (plus any parents who want to join us). We will visit four different cenotes, with opportunities for swimming canoeing, and zip-lining.  


  • $40:  School Trip Fee-- Because the Discover Cuba tour is an official school trip, all student travelers will have a $40 School Trip Fee added to their school financial accounts.  This fee covers the expenses associated with managing and leading the school group.


  • Not Included:  Parking at the Port of Galveston  plus any optional excursions in Mahogany Bay.