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Please use the form below to register for the 2019-2020 International Trip to the Western Caribbean​ of Central America.

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Because this is a school-sponsored trip, there are rules and expectations for all student and adult travelers.  Please read the expectations below, then check the box to indicate agreement. 
  • GROUP TRAVEL:  As this is an official school sponsored trip, all travelers are required to share their "Booking Number" with the school's travel coordinator.  This will ensure that are grouped together for dinner and excursions. 
  • GROUP DINING: The price of the cruise includes all meals.  Breakfast and lunch may be eaten at any time. However, we will all eat together in the formal dining room during the 6 pm "Early Dining" session.  
  • CLASSES: As this is an educational trip, all student travelers are required to attend 3 interdisciplinary classes while aboard the ship.  These classes will be in the morning on each of the three "At Sea" days, and students are required to be on time and participate fully in both classes.   
  • ALCOHOL: All travelers must abide by the legal drinking ages (21 on the ship, 21 in Honduras, 18 in Belize and Mexico).  Adults may enjoy 1-2 drinks during group meals but may not be intoxicated in areas where students are present.  
  • BEHAVIOR: As this is a school sponsored trip, all travelers (students and adults) are required to maintain Mirus's high standards for good behavior.  Student misbehavior can lead to school disciplinary action.  Adult travelers should remember to be positive examples of good behavior to all the students in our group. 
The next step is to complete your online booking on the Carnival website:
  • CARNIVAL WEBSITE:  When you click the Carnival Logo below, the Carnival booking page will open in a new window.  Before beginning, check the top of the page to make sure the details are correct:
    • "7-Day Western Caribbean" from Galveston
    • February 29, 2020 to March 7, 2020  ​
  • CABIN:  As part of the booking process, you will select the type of room you would like.  Mirus families select all different types of rooms, so it is not possible for us to all have rooms next to each other.  Simply select the type of room that works best for you and your family.  
  • EXCURSIONS: You do not need to select your excursions at this time.  We will make arrangements for our group at a later date. 
  • DEPOSIT: To secure your booking, you will be asked to put down a deposit on your trip.  The exact deposit will vary according to your booking date and any promotions currently going on.  Your deposit will be applied to your overall trip balance. 
  • BOOKING NUMBER: Once you have booked your trip, you will receive a "Booking" number (This number may be emailed).  Please copy and paste your Booking number into the space below to complete the trip enrollment process.  
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Click the logo above to complete your booking on the Carnival website.  Then, enter your Booking Number in the space below.  

That's it!  You're Done!  
  • SUBMIT:  Please click the submit button below to send this information back to the Mirus Academy Travel Coordinator
  • TRAVELER'S MEETING:  We'll have a Traveler's Meeting in January to go over all the details for preparing for this exciting trip.
  • QUESTIONS?  Please do not hesitate to call the school at 281-392-4477 if you have any questions or concerns about this trip.   

Thank You!

We are excited to travel with you in February!