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"Have you ever wanted to go to a school where everyone is friendly and kind?  Mirus Academy is your answer. In public school, both kids and parents are stressed, but here at Mirus Academy my parents and I don't feel stressed at all.  I feel much more relaxed at not nervous at all.  I'm SO glad I go to Mirus!  -- Mirus Student

Because school is so much more than just academics


Students attend school to learn so much more than just how to factor polynomials or balance chemical formulas.  Mirus students are always learning and growing in ways that go beyond basic school academics.

  • Fine Arts:  Mirus students are creative, and our after-school Theater and Art classes allow students to express themselves with confidence and skill 

  • E-Sports: Our after-school E-Sports team unites students together to build confidence and teamwork as they compete in video game league play against other school's teams

  • Seminar: Mirus students pride themselves in staying involved in current events!  In their Seminar class, students read and discuss real world issues using "Upfront" Magazine (a student edition of the New York Times). 

  • Leadership: The Mirus Academy Student Council actively works to serve the needs of Mirus students as well as the community at large.  From planning fun parties and events to collecting donations for charitable organizations, students have the opportunity to build and develop their leadership skills.  



Classroom learning is important, but it is just as important to leave the classroom and venture out into the real world.  From watching Houston Ballet performances to touring downtown skyscrapers; from milking a cow at a dairy farm to eating dim sum in China Town; from cruising through the ship channel to visiting Houston's many museums.  Mirus's monthly field trips teach students far more than a textbook ever could!  


The world is our classroom!  Students enrolling in the "Global Studies" course step away from the textbooks and into the real world as they travel with classmates and teachers to global destinations.  The trips are not casual vacations-- they are carefully crafted tours packed with educational adventures and life-long memories.  High school and college credit is available, and parents are welcome to come too!  Past tours have included Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, Mexico, Caribbean, England, Iceland, Belize, Japan, and more!    

  • 2022  Experience Scotland & Ireland

  • 2023  Eco-Journey in Germany & Switzerland

  • 2024  Explore Rome & Sorrento

  • 2025  Iceland Adventure


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