About Mirus...

Curious...Wonderful... Remarkable... Admirable... Extraordinary...   These are the words you'll find if you look up the word "Mirus" (pronounced MEER-us) in a Latin dictionary.  

"We are so appreciative for your sensitivity, knowledge, and guidance.  THIS is what education should be about.  It isn't about money or funding or testing.  It's about paying attention to the kids and putting them before any agenda.  I know [my child] is in an awesome school."   

               -- Mirus Parent

Fully Accredited by the
National Association
of Private Schools


The adjective most often used to describe Mirus Academy is "Family-Like".  With a small, close-knit population of 50-60 students, staff members communicate easily with parents and develop personal relationships with students.  Mirus is friendly and welcoming, without the exclusive cliques often found in larger schools.    


At Mirus Academy, students enjoy the best of both worlds-- a small school environment with big school amenities.  From the small things (like hanging out the lockers with friends or auditioning for the school play) to the big things (like earning your letter jacket or going to prom), Mirus provides the "teen experience" that is usually missing at similarly-sized small schools.  


Mirus Academy follows a unique block-schedule that is often referred to as "University Model" or "College-Style":  


  • MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS are "Class Days" with traditional, teacher-led instruction.  On Class Days, students learn new material, engage in active discussions, and participate in hands-on labs and activities. Each class period lasts one hour with a 5 minute break between periods.  Sample Class Day: During Monday's one-hour Algebra class, the math teacher teaches students how to convert linear equations from one form to another. 

  • TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS are "Work Days" with independent, teacher-supervised assignments.   On Work Days, students practice the subject matter that was taught on the previous Class Day and preview the material for the following Class Day.  Students have some flexibility with their Work Day schedules.  That is, rather than automatically spending one hour in each class period, they may take a longer time with one subject or a shorter time with another.  Sample Work Day: In the math classroom, the students practice converting linear equations under the supervision of their math teacher.  Then, they preview the material that will be taught during Wednesday's class. Once their work is complete, they may move to a different classroom to work with a different teacher. Note: While 85% of students do attend school on Tuesdays & Thursdays, students who are progressing well in their studies may complete their Work Day assignments at home with parental supervision.     

  • FRIDAYS are "Elective Days" with a variety of interesting and enriching elective courses offered each year.  Every spring, students are surveyed to determine their interests, and elective classes are established for the following school year based on the survey results.  Popular electives have included Theater, Art, Forensic Science, Human Anatomy, Speech & Debate, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, Creative Writing, Mythology, Sociology, Home Economics, Music History, and more.    

CALL US:  281-392-4477    

EMAIL US:  info@Mirus-Academy.org    

VISIT US:  5561 3rd Street  Katy, TX 77493 

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