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"It's more than just climbing a glacier in Iceland to learn about climate change. It's about being there for the student when they finally understand they are so much stronger than they ever realized!" --Mirus Teacher

Mirus Academy is a small "micro-school" dedicated to providing an excellent college-preparatory education in a friendly, nurturing environment

Since our foundation in 2006, Mirus has been so much more than a school-- it's been an extended family that nurtures academic, social, and emotional growth.  

Mirus Academy has a total student population of about 25 students in grades 8-12. Space is limited, but we welcome new students with open arms whenever space is available.

We invite you to learn more about Mirus and apply to become part of our school community!

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What is a Micro-School?

Since 2006, Mirus Academy has been a pioneer in the

"Micro-School" movement 



College-Prep + Small Classes

At Mirus, yes it *is* possible to have college-prep academics

in a lower-stress environment!


Student Life

Friendly & Inclusive

We may be small, but we have

a lot going on.  We'd love for you to be part of the Mirus family!

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