Rigorous Academics in a Nurturing Environment 


"Mirus has changed me so much in every good way... I’m in a place where I love all of my classes and teachers!"

          -- Mirus Student


Mirus classes range in size from 4 - 12, with an average class size of 8. With such small classes, it's easy to provide students with the individual attention they need.  Plus, it's easy for classes to be discussion-based, with lots of student-teacher dialogue and time for hands-on activities.  


Mirus Academy follows a unique block-schedule that is often referred to as "University Model" or "College-Style".  


  • MORNINGS:  Monday through Thursday morning (8:30 - 12:15), students attend "Class Periods" with traditional, teacher-led instruction.  During class, students learn new material, engage in active discussions, and participate in hands-on labs and activities. Classes meet either on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thu, with each class period lasting 75 minutes.  

  • AFTERNOONS: After lunch, students have a "Work Period" (1:15 - 3:30), a time when students complete their assignments under teacher supervision.  When all their assignments are completed, students are welcome to play games and have fun on campus with their friends, or they are welcome to leave school to go home early for the day.      

  • FRIDAYS:  Mirus Academy meets on select Fridays (generally two Fridays per month).  Fridays are reserved for special activities such as field trips, college tours, special assemblies, current even discussions.