As an independent, nonsectarian private school, Mirus Academy receives no money from religious, government, or corporate institutions. The school relies solely on tuition to pay for rent, utilities, faculty, staff, and educational supplies.   


School Tuition

Mirus Academy is all-inclusive; that is, it includes classes, textbooks, monthly field trips, standardized testing, etc.   Some optional electives such as Art, Home Economics, and PE may incur a small supply fee.  


Discounts & Financial Aid

Mirus Academy offers need-based financial aid.  To apply, a student must first be admitted into the school through the normal application process.  One admitted, families may submit financial paperwork such as tax statements for a financial aid review.  The review will determine the amount of need-based aid the student requires and the school can provide.  

Annual Registration Fee

Mirus Academy does not charge a Registration Fee if a deposit of 10% of the annual tuition is made at the time of Registration (this deposit is applied to the student's last tuition payment).  


In lieu of a tuition deposit, families may choose to pay a $250 registration fee instead.  This registration fee would be in addition to the student's tuition.  The tuition deposit and the registration fee are both non-refundable.  

Tuition & Fees


  • Tuition:  $18,500 per year

  • Registration: $0.00 (see "Annual Registration" above) 

  • Textbooks: $0.00

  • Field Trips: $0.00


Tuition may be paid in full, by the semester, or financed into 10 monthly payments (a 3% finance fee will apply).