Can Mirus accept students...

... traveling to the USA with an International Student Visa?

No, at this time Mirus Academy does NOT have the clearance to accept international students traveling to the USA with an I-20 student visa. International students may only enroll if they are accompanying their parents who hold a Work Visa in the United States. The following private schools DO accept International Students who are studying on a Student Visa: Pope John XXIII, Faith West Academy, Awty International School, British Private Prep School, Trent Internationale School, and The Village School.

...identified as academically Gifted/Talented?

Mirus is not specifically a school for just gifted students; however, a high percentage of Mirus Academy students have been identified as gifted/ talented (a designation given to students who score in the top 3% of the nation). Mirus teachers and administrators are accustomed to working with the unique needs of gifted students, including highly gifted students (e.g., Davidson Young Scholars, etc). Students have lunch, recess, elective, and other social classes with their age-group but may be placed in academic classes based on their ability rather than their age. Ability-level placement allows gifted students to work above grade level, enroll in high school classes during junior high and college-level classes in high school, and/or plan for early graduation, as desired.

... who have been previously homeschooled?

Yes, many students at Mirus Academy are former homeschoolers, and in fact the school's founders homeschooled their own children prior to opening Mirus Academy. Some families chose the homeschool lifestyle for the younger years but found Mirus Academy to be a better alternative for their teenagers. Other families temporarily homeschooled as they searched for a school that fit their child's needs. Homeschooling families appreciate the family-like environment of our small school and are appreciative that Mirus administrators are familiar with the needs of homeschooled students.

... who are high-level Competitive Athletes or Performers?

Yes, because core academic classes end at lunch time, Mirus Academy attracts many competitive athletes and performers who require afternoons to be free for training. Mirus administrators and teachers are very sensitive to the unique needs of these athletically and artistically gifted students, and their training can be used for PE and elective credits, as applicable.

... who have been diagnosed with emotional challenges or mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, etc.)?

Yes, Mirus Academy can accept students with diagnoses of mild to moderate emotional challenges or mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. We have found that many of these students are "sensitive souls" who are hurt easily by the cliques, meanness, bureaucracy, and/or inflexibility that can sometimes be found in large public schools. Combined with qualified medical treatment, students who transfer to Mirus from their local public school often find that their anxiety and depression symptoms decline tremendously. Parents report that children who used to suffer from daily stomach aches, headaches, or nightmares now wake up feeling eager to attend school. In fact, some of our shyest students who were too afraid to speak a word in the beginning have blossomed into our most popular and most successful students!

Please note: Mirus is NOT a therapeutic school and is not able to make accommodations for students with severe mental illness. Severe in this context means emotional challenges or mental illnesses that have not yet been stablilized or have resulted in inpatient/residential treatment within the past 120 days. For these students, Mirus may be a good option in the future, but homeschooling or an alternative educational setting is recommended until the symptoms are stable for a period of at least 120 days.

...  with ADHD or Executive Function disorders ?

Mirus does accept students with mild to moderate ADHD. Due to the intensity of our program, we have found that ADHD students are successful at Mirus if they are: (1) currently receiving therapy/treatment to address the ADHD symptoms (2) have a parent who is committed to helping them stay on task and follow through with their commitments. When these two things are in place, students with ADHD thrive at Mirus Academy and become an integral part of our school family. Without these two things, we find that ADHD students can fail to meet school standards. We have found that students with ADHD usually perform much better when they attend all five school days each week.

... with Learning Challenges, such as dyslexia?

Mirus does accept students with learning challenges such as Dyslexia or Dysgraphia , and some of our students currently have these diagnoses. The school does not provide therapeutic services, so parents are responsible for procuring therapy outside of school. In general, Mirus Academy does not modify the curriculum or provide an IEP. However, for students with writing or spelling challenges who otherwise read on grade level and meet the admissions criteria, Mirus can provide the following accommodations: * Extra time on tests * Allowances for spelling and penmanship * The use of a laptop computer for note-taking and writing

... with Physical Challenges, such as wheelchair use?

The Mirus Academy building is ADA compliant. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches should not pose a problem. The accommodations listed above may apply.

... on the Autistic Spectrum?

We sympathize with the growing number of families who are searching for educational alternatives for their children with autistic spectrum disorders. We have family and friends with ASD, and we know there is a real need in our community for a school where autistic children can succeed and thrive. Unfortunately, Mirus Academy is not such a place. Mirus classes have a high level of group interaction. Class discussions, small group assignments, group projects, and activities requiring teamwork are an integral part of our curriculum. In the past, we have accepted students with autistic spectrum disorders (including Asperger's syndrome), but experience has repeatedly shown us that Mirus's educational methods do not work well for students on the autistic spectrum. As a result, Mirus Academy is not able to accept students on the autistic spectrum.

... who need additional Academic Support to stay on grade level?

No, unfortunately Mirus Academy is unable to accept students who need academic support beyond what is normally expected for the grade level. Mirus is a fast-paced program with higher academic expectations than is usually found in public school. Students who struggle with grade-level academics will struggle to maintain the 2.0 grade point average required for continued enrollment in the school.

... Who are LGBTQ?

Yes, of course! Mirus Academy staff and students are LGBTQ allies.