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Hello!  A new student is applying for admission to Mirus Academy, and they have asked if you would please fill out a short Recommendation Form on their behalf. 

Mirus Academy is a small private school with a family-like atmosphere and a wonderful student population of bright, creative, and enthusiastic learners.  Our expectations are high, and our academics are fast-paced; however, we also provide lots of nurture and support.


Because we are a small high school (just 25-30 students in the entire school!), we have a selective admissions process.  We are unable to accept new students who require remedial academics or who have behavioral challenges. 


In completing the form below, please be assured that your responses are 100% confidential.  The only people who will see your responses are the school administrators.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Scott or Laura Hogan for assistance (school phone: 281-392-4477  or email:   

Recommendation Form

For the traits listed below, please consider how this applicant compares to other teenagers their age:

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